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Get in the Van

12 Jul

I’ve been contemplating touring. I’ve done my own me-sized tours. Fly to New Orleans, do a few shows, drive to Austin, do a few shows, drive back to Louisiana, do a few more shows and so on.

It’s trickier in the UK. This is a country that lacks a true service industry culture. I miss drinking Bloody Marys and eating Mission style burritos at 5am on a Wednesday morning after my cocktail shift with bartenders and fellow wait staff at The Three Legged Dog over towards North Rampart. Or catching an awesome Rock show somewhere down the Canal end of Decatur at Midnight on a Tuesday. It’s a city with a true 24 hour, 7 day a week culture because there is always an audience. A restaurant hostess with a Monday night off or an out of town business woman in town on a Wednesday.

Three Legged Dog

The UK does not have a service industry culture, so there is almost nobody to see a Tuesday night show. No matter how awesome. Entertainment can only exist on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. You can try Sunday night, but the audience will be looking at their collective watches, knowing they have to get back and roll out that 9 to 5 on Monday morning. So, touring is limited to these little 3 day spurts. I think the answer lies in a broader spectrum. I’m definitely planning on touring the US again next year, maybe hit the West Coast, New York, definitely the Dirty South.

I’ve been looking to musicians recently to guide my plan as a performer. I’ve been listening to Henry Rollins read his book ‘Get in the Van’. It covers Black Flag’s constant touring in early to mid 80’s.

Mr. Rollins. I’m still working on my onstage Rollins stance. (c) http://www.angelawieland.com

He doesn’t paint a pretty picture. It’s bleak. They frequently stay in squats with people they only half know, no heat, no running water. Everything is damp. Everything is grey.

And that’s why I choose Burlesque. My suitcase, no matter how carefully packed, is always a riot of silks, leather, cerise, turquoise, Go-Go boots and spilled glitter. Like New Orleans, I take wear my colours everywhere I go and display them proudly.

Stripper on tour. Y’all better watch out.