Dirty Martini

29 Mar

On March 15th I was delighted to present a screening of the documentary ‘Dirty Martini & the New Burlesque’ adorned with performances from Lilly Laudanum, Lily Belle, Lou Leigh Blue and myself, at The Cube Cinema, Bristol. I contacted Miss Dirty herself to ask if she might have a few words for the audience. What I got was a testament to what a gracious Goddess she is. Miss Dirty Martini is truly a Fairy Godmother to anyone who has ever stripped on a stage, a beautiful influence on us all.

Dirty Martini & the New Burlesque Poster

The film itself is totally inspirational and funny and I suggest that you buy it here. It was awesome to see some of New York’s finest, who I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a stage with.

So, here it is, the exclusive message to The Cube, Bristol from Queen Diva (you besta believea) MISS DIRTY MARTINI!


Yoga Mama

9 Mar

I’ve had a few people ask me about my stretching regime, so I thought I’d spread a little Karmic Love and share it here. I’ve loved Yoga for years, through it I’ve gained mental clarity, solace and peace in bad times and the ability to put my forehead flat on the ground with my legs stretched out.

Begin by getting in touch with your breath. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, really feel your chest expand, lift and contract with each breath. As this becomes more natural, shift your awareness to your standing position. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, relax your hands at your sides and feel your body lift. Straighten your spine, keep your shoulders even and keep your chin parallel to the floor beneath you. Now let’s begin.

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, raise your arms straight up, keep your feet grounded and stretch through your whole body. Bending your right arm to grasp your left elbow, stretch through your right side, keeping your right foot grounded. Repeat in reverse.

Relax arms, bring feet together, relax knees and gently roll forward to the floor, feeling each vertebra relax and stretch as your finger tips reach for the floor. Hold and breathe.

Walk your hands forward in to Downward Facing Dog. Arms are stretched out, feet are flat and hips are raised to the sky.


Downward Facing Dog

Drop left knee, then right knee for a deeper stretch.

Come down on to all fours for Cat – Cow. Round the back, dropping the head, then gently reverse the pose so head and neck are extended up. Repeat 5 times. Keep breathing!

Back up in to Downward Facing Dog, this is a great transition pose, then straighten body and with great control lower the body to the ground as slowly as you can in to Chaturanga. Keep back straight and tuck your butt in to avoid lower back strain.



Lower yourself completely to the ground and relax for a moment. Now it’s time to get fierce. Place forearms on the ground and stretch upper half of body upwards. Cobra! You can also open your mouth wide here to bring fresh blood in to your face and imagine devouring your prey.



Now back up on to all fours, sit back on your heels, arms outstretched in front of you, forehead to the floor, in to child pose. Release through the forehead and keep breathing.


Child Pose

On to the stripper stretches. Back on all fours, bring your right leg in front of you, bent at a 90 degree angle, while your left leg remains stretched out straight behind you. Extend your body over the bent leg, reaching through your finger tips. Breathe deep. Move out of pose. I like to do 20 girly style push-ups here, then repeat pose on left leg, then 20 more girly style push-ups. This stretch will really open up your hips.

Take a brief respite in child pose again, then bring yourself back up in to the standing position. Continue to open up the hips with Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 poses, repeated on each side.


Warrior 1


Warrior 2

Finish this off by grasping your left ankle with your left hand, bending your left leg at the knee, right leg remains straight and grounded. Extend your left arm straight up to complete the full stretch. You’ll feel it through your side. This is, suitably enough, the Dancer Pose.

Keeping your focus on a point at eye level in front of you, bring your left leg round so that the sole of your foot is pressed firmly in to the inside of your right thigh. Keep that right foot firmly anchored. Bring both arms straight up and parallel to each other, hold & breath, then bring hands together in front of you for a moment of focus. Repeat in reverse. I always do this little sequence right before I go on stage. It’s an awesome stretch and great for focus.

Finally, sit in a cross legged, Lotus, Buddah on the Mountain pose, rest your hands on your knees and breathe. Focus on what you want out of your day, or just let a moment of stillness become you.



Evolution - Mondrian

Disclaimer – Always check with your doctor before undergoing any exercise regime. I am not a trained Yoga Instructor, merely an enthusiast. I recommend taking a class with a trained instructor to ensure that you are moving correctly and to avoid injury.

The Beast In Me

8 Feb

I am fascinated by the transformative nature of Burlesque. Most of the Dancers I know are big personalities (and big boobs) that simply get bigger when they take to the stage. But there is still a transformation that takes place. There is some magical space in the universe that exists between glitter and stage lighting and eyelash glue. The transformation is other worldly. Existential.

When the beat kicks in and the stiletto hits the floor, lightning strikes. Or at least, it should. There should be a love radiating from you that vibrates off the audience and bounces back to you like cosmic rays. If it doesn’t, and sometimes it won’t, readjust your mojo, check your reasons for taking to the stage. Finally, check your panties for an Anne Summers tag. If there is one, take them off and start again.

Let your light shine and the beast within run free.

Tuesday Laveau "Loup Garou"

Have Love, Will Travel

23 Jan

Hi Universe, Please help me continue to be the Journey(Wo)man that I want to be. 2011 was hard grind and so awesome. I was so inspired by the cities I danced in and the people within them. That’s all I want. Is to dance. A lot of things came and went last year, but it’s all growth. Like most sharks have to keep moving to breath, I’ve got to keep moving to keep dancing.

For those of y’all coming up behind me, I want to make this place be safer and better for you and to you than it was to me. For those in front of me, my love knows no bounds for the light and inspiration you have passed down.

2011 had a lot of heartache. Some real, some just felt real at the time.

Dance. Be inspired. Keep moving.



Laveau Christmas Cocktail

19 Dec

An easy festive cocktail for all your holiday guests.


1 Litre Raspberry Vodka (I had to use Absolut, but Stoli is better) 

2 Litres Ginger Beer

5 Limes

One packet of frozen raspberries

Punch Bowl


Store vodka and raspberries in freezer

About 30 minutes before your guests arrive slice 2 limes in to fine slices and put in punch bowl

Juice the remaining 3 limes in to the bowl. I was given an Amco Juicer last year by margarita aficionado Dawn Wilkins Photography and they are awesome.

Amco Juicer

Next, add your frozen raspberries and stir in with the lime juice,making sure not to mush them up. It’s a good idea to taste the berries before you add them in, if they are at all sour, pour a little simple syrup over them to sweeten them up.

Now, Vodka! Pour in about half a litre, no need to measure, just eyeball it. This is a cocktail that take a lot of liquor.

To finish, pour in the whole 2 litres of ginger beer. Give it a stir and watch it turn a festive shade of pink.

To serve, ladle in to rocks glasses over ice as your guests arrive, making sure to scoop up some of the lime slices and raspberries.

Happy Holidays, y’all!

Laveau Christmas Cocktail

New York City

9 Oct

New York, once again you have saved me from myself. I feel inspired and ready to do it all over again. I had the awesome pleasure of dancing at the legendary Slipper Room and ass kicking Kitty Nights. You can see me performing “Surfer Luna” at Kitty Nights below. Thank you Miss Velveteen Hussey for the whoops and hollers.

It’s an act that still needs a little tightening, but, fuck yeah, it felt good to do it in that bar with rock solid dancers like The Flying Fox.

Inspiration is everywhere. Like the Hall of Biodiversity.

Or the Occupation of Wall Street.Or tigers.

Or Voodoo.

Or the view from the Greenpoint ferry dock that you could never grow tired of.

It’s everything you’ve heard, everything you’ve ever wanted. I’ll be back in the spring.



Big Hair, Big Boots

6 Aug

I’m pleased to announce that, in conjunction with Pink Kitten Dance School, I’ll be doing my Go-Go and Bump & Grind Workshop Saturday 27th of August at Fitness 4 Less, Bristol. It’s my last one before I tour New York City, so grind wit’ me while you can!

Go-Going with AM Preacher

You can register and find class details here

Here’s Go-Go Superstar Lada St. Edmund Jr for a little inspiration.

Me and my favourite Go-Go Boots

Big hair, big boots y’all!