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Keep on Keeping On

4 Dec

I’ve been hesitating on this post for reasons I can’t quite articulate but here it is. I created a new website in Spring of 2012 and I’m really proud of it. So far, it has featured articles from strip artists in my local scene, the wider UK, the USA and from me. I’ve been amazed and in awe of the breadth of Beauty that exists in my art form and the multitude of ways it is expressed and interpreted. It’s an amazing journey and I hope you’ll join in and become a part of it. What I’m trying to say, is that there probably won’t be a whole lot of content on this WordPress, as of right now.

I’m still dropping booty shaking science at shows all over the UK and USA and Loving every minute of it. Even the hard grind. Especially the hard grind. So, I hope you’ll check out my new site CoochieCrunch and I hope I you’ll come and say hi next time I’m dancing in your city.

Keep on keeping on.

Tuesday Laveau (c) David Hammonds Photography

Tuesday Laveau (c) David Hammonds Photography


Get in the Van

12 Jul

I’ve been contemplating touring. I’ve done my own me-sized tours. Fly to New Orleans, do a few shows, drive to Austin, do a few shows, drive back to Louisiana, do a few more shows and so on.

It’s trickier in the UK. This is a country that lacks a true service industry culture. I miss drinking Bloody Marys and eating Mission style burritos at 5am on a Wednesday morning after my cocktail shift with bartenders and fellow wait staff at The Three Legged Dog over towards North Rampart. Or catching an awesome Rock show somewhere down the Canal end of Decatur at Midnight on a Tuesday. It’s a city with a true 24 hour, 7 day a week culture because there is always an audience. A restaurant hostess with a Monday night off or an out of town business woman in town on a Wednesday.

Three Legged Dog

The UK does not have a service industry culture, so there is almost nobody to see a Tuesday night show. No matter how awesome. Entertainment can only exist on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. You can try Sunday night, but the audience will be looking at their collective watches, knowing they have to get back and roll out that 9 to 5 on Monday morning. So, touring is limited to these little 3 day spurts. I think the answer lies in a broader spectrum. I’m definitely planning on touring the US again next year, maybe hit the West Coast, New York, definitely the Dirty South.

I’ve been looking to musicians recently to guide my plan as a performer. I’ve been listening to Henry Rollins read his book ‘Get in the Van’. It covers Black Flag’s constant touring in early to mid 80’s.

Mr. Rollins. I’m still working on my onstage Rollins stance. (c)

He doesn’t paint a pretty picture. It’s bleak. They frequently stay in squats with people they only half know, no heat, no running water. Everything is damp. Everything is grey.

And that’s why I choose Burlesque. My suitcase, no matter how carefully packed, is always a riot of silks, leather, cerise, turquoise, Go-Go boots and spilled glitter. Like New Orleans, I take wear my colours everywhere I go and display them proudly.

Stripper on tour. Y’all better watch out.

Brisfest 2012

29 Jun

This is exciting. I’ve been kindly offered a stage at this year’s Brisfest held 22 to 23 September. I’ll be showcasing some of Bristol and the South West’s finest booty shaking talent at the Gryphon Metal Tent from 10pm on the Saturday.

The first set, starting at 10:15pm, will feature Go-Go Girls busting it out to professional Rock n Roll badasses AM Preacher. It’ll be loud, it will have more booty than you can handle. Don’t miss it.

Tuesday Laveau dancing with AM Preacher

The second set, starting at 11:15pm will take it a little slower, a little darker and will have some of your favourite feature dancers, all hosted by smooth talking Richie Paradise of The Cabaret of Curiosities.

Mr. Richie Paradise

So join us and come and shake a tail feather, Saturday 22 September, 10pm, The Gryphon Tent.

Brisfest 2012

Don’t Pick Them Up, Don’t Lay Them Down

31 May

Something to think about from Dr. Angelou: “Don’t pick them up, don’t lay them down.” Meaning, when you’re at the top and those around you are pouring compliments on you, simply smile. When you’re in the bottom of a curve of success and those around you turn to each other and say, she doesn’t have it etc, simply smile. If you don’t pick up the empty compliments, you can discard the empty criticism. “The reward for the doing must be the doing.”

Maya the Dancer

Beastie Boys Burlesque

17 May

Beastie Boys Burlesque

Rock the Sure Shot and come out to The Croft, 7 June, 8:30, £5. All proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Event Page

Before the Booty Bounce

8 Apr

My Top 10 backstage songs:

10. Burning Down the House – Talking Heads

9.You Got a Killer Scene There Man – Queen’s of the Stone Age

8. Rearview Mirror – Pearl Jam

7. Shimmy Shimmy Ya – Ol Dirty Bastard

6. Shake It Fo Yo Hood – Ricky B

5. Whore Hoppin’ – Eagles of Death Metal

4. I got to Use my Imagination – Gladys Knight & The Pips

3. Hey Fuck You – Beastie Boys

2. Nasty – Spank Rock

1. Excuse – Big Freedia

BME Girl

6 Apr

I made the front page of BME, I’m a BME Girl! I’m so psyched because I’ve read the body modification website for years, it’s a great community, an interesting read and filled with beautiful images. Check it out here!

Tuesday Laveau - The Beast in Me

Please also check out the talented Photographer responsible for the image here and the badass Tattoo Artist who did my Eagle, Marcos Attwood.

Thank you BME!