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The Beast In Me

8 Feb

I am fascinated by the transformative nature of Burlesque. Most of the Dancers I know are big personalities (and big boobs) that simply get bigger when they take to the stage. But there is still a transformation that takes place. There is some magical space in the universe that exists between glitter and stage lighting and eyelash glue. The transformation is other worldly. Existential.

When the beat kicks in and the stiletto hits the floor, lightning strikes. Or at least, it should. There should be a love radiating from you that vibrates off the audience and bounces back to you like cosmic rays. If it doesn’t, and sometimes it won’t, readjust your mojo, check your reasons for taking to the stage. Finally, check your panties for an Anne Summers tag. If there is one, take them off and start again.

Let your light shine and the beast within run free.

Tuesday Laveau "Loup Garou"