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Laveau Christmas Cocktail

19 Dec

An easy festive cocktail for all your holiday guests.


1 Litre Raspberry Vodka (I had to use Absolut, but Stoli is better) 

2 Litres Ginger Beer

5 Limes

One packet of frozen raspberries

Punch Bowl


Store vodka and raspberries in freezer

About 30 minutes before your guests arrive slice 2 limes in to fine slices and put in punch bowl

Juice the remaining 3 limes in to the bowl. I was given an Amco Juicer last year by margarita aficionado Dawn Wilkins Photography and they are awesome.

Amco Juicer

Next, add your frozen raspberries and stir in with the lime juice,making sure not to mush them up. It’s a good idea to taste the berries before you add them in, if they are at all sour, pour a little simple syrup over them to sweeten them up.

Now, Vodka! Pour in about half a litre, no need to measure, just eyeball it. This is a cocktail that take a lot of liquor.

To finish, pour in the whole 2 litres of ginger beer. Give it a stir and watch it turn a festive shade of pink.

To serve, ladle in to rocks glasses over ice as your guests arrive, making sure to scoop up some of the lime slices and raspberries.

Happy Holidays, y’all!

Laveau Christmas Cocktail