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New York City

9 Oct

New York, once again you have saved me from myself. I feel inspired and ready to do it all over again. I had the awesome pleasure of dancing at the legendary Slipper Room and ass kicking Kitty Nights. You can see me performing “Surfer Luna” at Kitty Nights below. Thank you Miss Velveteen Hussey for the whoops and hollers.

It’s an act that still needs a little tightening, but, fuck yeah, it felt good to do it in that bar with rock solid dancers like The Flying Fox.

Inspiration is everywhere. Like the Hall of Biodiversity.

Or the Occupation of Wall Street.Or tigers.

Or Voodoo.

Or the view from the Greenpoint ferry dock that you could never grow tired of.

It’s everything you’ve heard, everything you’ve ever wanted. I’ll be back in the spring.