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16 Jun

This year has been incredible. It started with me dancing at all kinds of shows in the UK. But then, something changed. There was this shift in me, I think it was about February, when everything changed. Everything got bigger, more vibrant, colours got brighter. I tried to sit tight, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t in me any more. I talk and talk about the love I have for Burlesque and all that it stands for, but I wasn’t really doing it. So, I changed it.

As of Friday 13th May, I quit my admin day job. I commemorated it at Broad Street Studios.

Courtesy of Marcos Attwood

Lucky Number 13

I spent the rest of May back in my adopted city, New Orleans, getting inspired and drinking too much Gin. I drove to Austin and was lucky enough to perform with the gracious and beautiful Five B Pin-Ups.

Backstage at Elysium with badass Texas Mamas

It felt so good, y’all. This is the kind of freedom I’ve been striving for. I’m not going to lie. This is everything I want, everything I’ve worked hard for, everything I want for the future,  but this shit don’t come easy. My new hardcore drive has taken my focus away from friendships and even my marriage. It’s a tricky tightrope and I sure as hell haven’t perfected yet. Maybe balance is possible, or maybe you just can’t have it all. I don’t know yet.

I’ve got a load of awesome and exciting shows coming up in the UK over the rest of the summer, then, and this totally blows my mind and rocks my world, I’ll be dancing in New York City at the end of September/beginning of October. If I solve the mysteries of life in that time, I’ll be sure to pass that on.

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