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Make a Joyful Sound

13 Jan

Tonight I had the pleasure of sharing my bump and grind workshop with the wonderful women of Pomegranate Boutique ( Lead by Pomegranate owner Amy, the girls shimmied, booty popped and busted some down right nasty moves for their own delectation while the Bristol rain poured down the French doors at the far end of the room.

I always enjoy teaching my workshops, quite often a student will ask a question that actually opens up some more doors to burlesque movement and theory for me as I try to find the most direct way to anwer their query.

Tonight was special, these were women with a purpose. They were there, now check this out, to have fun. Sometimes I have classes that are quite serious, they want every nano second of a shimmy explained. Sometimes the classes are about taking home a sexy routine for a partner, sometimes it’s a class that mothers, daughters and aunts can all come together for a hen do and all have a good time. This class really reminded about why I love Burlesque. Because it is joyful! The Burlesque path is long, tough and at times even lonely. But, damn, when it’s good, it’s awesome.


Persephone and the Pomegranate



Bringing that to a room full of women and having them reciprocate that love is a great feeling. I truly hope they all took that home with them, I know I did. Thank you Pomegranate Ladies.