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Warrior Goddess

16 Sep

It will never cease to amaze me the power of the women around me. I have a talented female friend who left her 10 year job to start her own photography business, another bombshell who has started her own talent agency after years of miserable admin drudgery. Another woman is travelling the world as an engineer, a typically male dominated field. Another can be found in boots, jeans and a tanktop carefully documenting each blackened fish gill that washes up on the Gulf Coast. Yet another is busy making her way in to the masculine world of music promotion and another sings her heart out on stage at night and raises a beautiful little girl by day.

People tell me a lot that it “must be very empowering” to take your clothes off on stage. This is well intentioned, but ill informed.  My power comes from traveling solo, watching over children up a mountain in California (while watching for forest fires and bears) putting my hand in to a snake enclosure every morning at the Audubon Aquarium, being beaten, being broke, cocktailing on Bourbon Street, walking the 3 miles home in high heels, holding my head high and still laughing, still smiling.  And dancing, always dancing. That is powerful.

To the women in my life, know that I love you. That you inspire me. There are those of you who are just starting out and I am excited to watch you grow and those of you who have walked the miles side by side with me and I think of you every day.

Warrior Goddesses, hold your heads high, put your fist in the air, keep on keepin on sisters, because you are doing it right.

Kali the Mother, Kali the Destroyer