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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Tuesday Laveau!

25 Jul

Summer’s in bloom, but I can’t help it, I keep thinking of Halloween. I love Halloween with every spooky bone in my body. Sure, it’s a good way to make strangers give you candy, but the costumes, oh the costumes!

Growing up in Ohio, Halloween was a big deal. One year I was Cleopatra, another year a Gypsy. For my first kindergarten Halloween parade my mother, fresh off the boat from the UK and not familiar with Halloween protocol, picked me out a costume from K-Mart. It consisted of a black cape, a pointy witch’s hat decorated with silver glitter stars and a Lion-O Thundercats mask.

Imagine this guy as a kindergarten witch

That’s right, I was a 3 and a half feet tall Thundercat Witch.

I’ll give her credit for ingenuity though. At least there was no chance another kid in the parade would have the same costume.

I have yet to top that costume as an adult. I had a total blast one year running around the French Quarter as Satan’s Cheerleader and last year at Be More Burlesque as a Dia de Los Muertos Nurse in red PVC. That is my only rule, nothing cute, nothing from Ann Summers. It’s always better with blood and guts.


Or a big old black eye.

I’ve had really busy Octobers the last few years and have rushed putting my costumes together at the last minute.  I hold a carved Jack O Lantern up to the gods of Halloween and Awesome Costumes and ask for forgiveness. This year is different. I will give Halloween the full 3 month commitment the perfect costume deserves. I’m ready, I’m planning, I’m equipped.

This year, I’ll be the gun-toting, habit wearing ‘The Sister’ and my husband will be the knife wielding ‘Machete’ from the film of the same name.

The Sister

This is going to be a bitchin Halloween and it’s only 3 months away.  Y’all ready?!