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Shake it for the Gulf, ya heard!?

27 Jun

Saturday 26th June, Burlesque Against BP was, I am proud to say an incredible success. Our MC, Lily Belle, whipped up a crowd in to a hoopin and hollerin frenzy before even the first tassel had been twirled. And what a crowd, they turned up in droves, wearing Defend New Orleans T-shirts and shouting ‘Who Dat!’ Some even bore cake.Thanks Hazel!They were a crowd who enjoyed every minute of the strip tease, from Dolly Rose’s smooth and elegant fandance to Geisha Go Disco’s fun Changwa Disco and they opened up their wallets to show their appreciation. But what really touched me is that when we talked about the devastating effect of Corexit, the people affected in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and the whole new set of problems the Gulf could endure with the the onset of Hurricane Season, they listened.

To those of you living, surrounded by the effects of this oil leak, please know this; we care. We are doing what we can and taking a stand. You are not fighting this alone.

And if you’re in need of a lighter moment, picture this: The roar from the crowd as I dragged a photo of Tony Hayward across my sequin clad butt, tore the picture up and threw it in the air and all I could hear was cries of ‘Plug the leak with Tony!’

Courtesy of Mark Joslin

We raised $500 for the Audubon Nature Institutes oil leak clean-up.


Impulse Control

11 Jun

I consider myself, as I’m sure most people consider themselves, to be a decent human being. I hold doors open for those who follow me, I offer assistance to mothers struggling with strollers, I greet people I encounter through out my day with my best New Orleans, “How you doin.” I try to treat people around me with kindness and respect. These are not admirable traits, this is the way it should be. People who thinks they are good people because they are nice to waiters, are usually jerks.

I did a charity show tonight where something interesting happened. I was unveiling my new ‘Voodoo Queen’ act. As I was performing two men wearing tuxes stood down the front and held a loud conversation. I was not surprised by this as I had seen them do this to the previous performer.

Voodoo Queen

One of the men had set his drink down on the stage. I danced. The tuxedo clad men got louder. The drink stayed on the stage for the first half of my act.

Distracted by their conversation, they failed to see me shimmy up to the edge of the stage. They were still talking loudly as my leopard wedge clad foot kicked the drink off the stage.

They left. I tassel twirled. The crowd whooped and hollered.

It was a good night.