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Burlesque Against BP

24 May

As I think y’all know, I lived in New Orleans for a time and have close ties to the city. I have been following the oil leak reports in the press and am shocked and saddened by the devastation that is continuing to spread as the oil continues to flow and wash up on the shore. I would like to create a Burlesque Against BP event. Geisha Go Disco has suggested an Afternoon Tease event with cake and tea (and strippers!) which I think could work really well.

This would be at a venue in Bristol or Bath, most likely Saturday 26th of June (I would hold it sooner but I’m booked every Saturday between now and then.) If you have a suitable venue and would like to be involved, please get in touch. ALL proceeds will go to a charity that is cleaning the Gulf shoreline. I would really appreciate it if any of y’all would be willing perform.

Any print companies who wish to donate their services for promotion are also welcome.

Or if you are able to bake cakes to sell, donate goods for a raffle, or a willing to make and sell tassles etc, that would be totally great too. Also, suggestions for the most suitable organization to donate too would be appreciated.

If you can stand to have your heart broken, please look at this video about Plaqueumines Parish

Or this image from the AP of a young heron dying As I Lay Dying

Or this article about the almost 200 sea turtles that have washed up dead on shore

Please shake your booty for the Gulf of Mexico.


Tuesday Laveau

ps All enquiries to


Hey Bartender!

19 May

Lean in close children cause mama’s gonna tell all a y’all a secret. It’s closely guarded and many good people have lost perfectly useful limbs in the quest to find it. But this Voodoo Queen is feeling blessed and generous, so here it is:

How to make a perfect Bloody Mary:

Vodka – Think of this like a seasoning, the brand doesn’t matter so much.  I like Russian Standard, just avoid Smirnoff and keep it in the freezer till it takes on that gasoline on water sheen.

Tomato Juice – V8 is perfect, but plain old tomato juice is fine too.

Cajun Seasoning – Tony Chachere’s is the grandaddy of them all, dawlins. But if your Brit/Yankee self can’t get it, the supermarket own brand is fine.

The King of them All

Tabasco – If you have to ask, you’ll never know.

Lime – Cut in to quarters

Worcestershire Sauce – Pronouce it right!

Horseradish – From a jar

Black Pepper

Secret ingredient: Tabaso Brand Olives & Brine – Hell yes dawlins, I pass this unto you.

I make my Bloody Marys individually because I make them BIG. Fill a high ball or straight pint glass half way with ice.

Pour your straight-from-the-freezer-vodka over the ice, about 3 ounces.

Now add a heavy slug of Worcestershire Sauce, half teaspoon horseradish, twist of black pepper.

Squeeze in half a lime and throw the slices in too.

Ready for a little heat? Slug of Tabasco (more than you think, you’ll be putting in a lot of juice later.) Heavy dusting of Cajun Seasoning.

Now comes the gris-gris: Throw in 3 or 4 of the Tabasco olives, followed by a good dose of the brine from the jar. Be brave.

Gris-Gris Y'all

Pour in the V8 to the top of the glass.

Pour between two glasses until mixed and frothy, or use a cocktail shaker. If using a shaker, don’t strain, pour straight in to the glass to keep the seasoned ice.

Now for a little lagniappe: garnish. Pick the most beautiful, green stem of celery you can find, choose it carefully and……….throw that shit out.

Stuff your glass with pickled green beans and okra. Stick a few of the Tabasco Olives on a cocktail stick and balance on the side of the glass.

MRB $5 Bloody Mary - As it should be

That banks of the Mississippi, clay-red colored concoction you have in front of you is a Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary.

Drink them with people you love.

Tuesday Laveau drinking on Royal Street, FQ

Burlesque Warrior

16 May

Sylvia Ji's Warrior Queen

In a lot of ways, this is starting to feel like war. I’m tired of being told what I am and am not. The further I go down my own burlesque path, the more self-appointed gate keepers I find. If I want your damn opinion, I will ask for it. It might also be worth considering that our professional paths may not have crossed because I’ve been busy doing bigger and better things. Maybe you’re the Peyton Place, podunk fool.

As the Hot 8 say, “I ain’t mad atcha, I got love for ya, so why won’t you let me do my thing?”

Holla at your girl! Be generous with each other! We’re all doing our own thing, so let’s spread the love around and keep our eyes on the prize.

Risky Business

14 May

Burlesque can be a dangerous business. 99% of an audience will be great: fun, appreciative, hoopin and hollerin, having a good time and getting their money’s worth. But, as is true of most things, there is often that 1%. The noisy drunk at the back of the crowd, the guy who’s cell phone conversation is important enough for him to have right now, but not so important that he feels the need to step outside to avoid shouting over your music and my personal favourite: the sullen, grim faced woman who positions her self 3 feet from the stage, front and centre and glares at you while you perform, as if being held there against her will.

It is because of these charming elements that I make one recommendation to all new performers who seek advice, take a weapon on stage with you. Get creative, make it part of the show. In my ‘Wild Magnolia’ act I throw Mardi Gras beads out the audience, singling out those who, in the tradition of “Hey mista, throw me summin!”, have been most vocal.

Weapon of Choice

For the front row bearer of doom and gloom, I get a good spin on them and fling a strand of beads inches past her head (again, a Mardi Gras tradition!) she’ll soon step back and let someone who actually wants to see the show step forward.

Liquids are also good, my ‘Ragin Cajun’ act climaxes with a shower of Budweiser, a carefully aimed spray of beer at Mr. Cell Phone shuts him up pretty quick, while the rest of the audience gets to enjoy the unique site of beer on boobs.

Tuesday Laveau: Beer & Boobs

Treat your audience with love and respect and they will do the same for you and for the inevitable jerk in the crowd, actions speak louder than words!

She’s Crafty

12 May

5 Minute Burlesque Bra Tutorial!

Ok, you need:

1 Bra

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Fringe & Beading

Small Appliques

1. Choose your bra, no more than two hooks is good for removal on Stage. Remove the size tag, it detracts from the glamour. remember that with striptease the audience will see the inside, as well as the outside of your costume.

2. Next, place where you would like your fringe. Think movement! You want to maximize your shimmy and shake. I recommend the top edge and the very bottom of the cup as well as the fullest part.

3. Measure and cut your fringe to fit your bra. Pour yourself a bourbon on the rocks. Use your glue gun to carefully stick your fringe in place, being careful not to use too much glue, you don’t want it squidging out. For the fringe along the bottom of the cup, simply follow the underwiring. (In case you’re wondering, the Bourbon is to ease horrible pain when you inevitably hot glue gun your fingers.)

4. Stick some fringe to the back of the appliques and then glue appliques to the middle of the cup. Place these with the bra on to find the best spot.

Et voila! One bitchin’ Burlesque Bra!

Bodacious Boobies

Ally Katte Strut

11 May

Fresh from being granted  Runner-up status at Chaz Royal’s London Burlesque Week Ally Katte took a moment to give me her take on LBW and the UK Burlesque Scene.

Tuesday Laveau – Hello Ally Katte, congratulations on your success at London Burlesque Week Newcomer’s Competition! It has been such a pleasure to watch you grow in your first year as a Burlesque Performer.  Tell me, what was the spark that lit your interest in Burlesque?

Ally Katte – Thank you! The first spark, I’d say was watching The Rocky Horror Show at the age of 5. I would sing the songs, understanding what a transvestite was but not giving a crap because I wanted his outfit, damn it! Then, throughout my teen years my stepdad had a poster for Teaserama by his bed, and I always loved looking at Bettie and Tempest.

TL – On to your dazzling performance at LBW, what was the highlight and what was the low point of dancing in such a prestigious, but competitive showcase?

AK – The highlight was probably just walking out onto that stage to open the night, after Kiki Kaboom and Equador the Wizard gave a great intro. My mouth was dry and my legs were shaking but I had some lovely girls waiting back stage with me for support.

TL – Did you find that there was a sisterhood amongst the newcomer performers, or was it every woman for herself?

AK – There was certainly a sisterhood between us all. I say sisterhood, we did have Equador and Frank ‘Lebeau’ Diaablo back stage with us too! But certainly all the girls in my dressing room were supportive and helpful. Everyone was lending sewing kits, lacing corsets or applying glitter to hard to reach spots.

TL – Where do you think Burlesque Striptease fits in to modern ideas about female roles and female bodies?

AK – It fits into a very ‘Sex Positive’ framework of looking at women and women’s roles. What I do is definitely sexual and for adults, and the fact that a woman can use her sexuality for monetary gain seems to put some noses out of shape. What I feel about Burlesque Striptease is the same as I feel about most other adult entertainments, baby…it’s all about context. I’m not being forced to dance, I’m not doing anything against my will, I am a one woman dancing machine!

TL – What would be your dream stage or event to perform at?

AK – Burlesque Hall of Fame, for sure. So many legends, modern and of yesteryear have graced that stage. It would be a dream come true to tread those boards and continue on all the work that Jennie Lee and Dixie Evans put into such a great cause.

TL – What Burlesque performer would you most like to share a stage with? (I bet it’s Kitten DeVille!)

AK – Yup, you’ve got me there. Kitten DeVille. Or Satan’s Angel. They’re both so rock and roll!

TL – Finally, are you a Burlesque Artiste, Strippa or Ecdysiast?

AK – Call me any of those, just don’t call me boring.

TL – Good answer!

You can catch both me and Ally Katte performing at Rockahula’s Roadhouse, 13th April 2010

You gotta have a gimmick

11 May

Burlesque style is a very personal thing. I have has the pleasure in the last few years to work with a variety of performers. You watch and learn and then you work on your own performance. For me, my true foundation comes from the hey day of Bourbon Street Burlesque. The passion and panache of those bump and grind Queens always gives me a reference point. Lilly Christine is a true source of inspiration and also the source of my signature pelvic thrust.This is classic burlesque: low down, bass heavy, mouth open, hands in the air. I enjoy the stylish, dry wit of Victorian Burlesque that is so prevalent in the UK, but it will never thrill me like this.

Tuesday Laveau "Wild Magnolia"

Tuesday Laveau at Fleur de Tease show, New Orleans, 2010

For more information on Bourbon Street Queens, please check out the lovingly researched pages of Rick Delaup